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Chasing Stars 

‘Chasing Stars’ will aired November 28th at 22.15 on RTE One where viewers witness chef Damien Grey’s solo journey when after three years the doors close on ‘Heron and Grey’, a highly successful Michelin star restaurant he co- owned and ran with Andrew Heron.

The documentary opens on January 26th, 2019 the day that Damien and An- drew close the doors on Heron and Grey for the final time, then it follows Damien’s new food journey as he looks to create a brand new restaurant and regain his Michelin star in only 6 months.

Following a full refurbishment of the space, March 15th, head chef and propri- etor Damian Grey (45) opens his restaurant named “Liath” (Irish for Grey). ‘Chasing Stars’ follows Damien’s journey through his food and his food in- fluences and what it takes to make that step up to becoming a Michelin restaurant once again and how that differs from how he has previously done things and the challenges this brings for him, his team, his suppliers and his menus all to ensure the future of his restaurant by being awarded a Michelin

Star in London once again.

This delicious documentary will bring viewers on a rollercoaster of culinary experiences as Damien looks at wider industry issues like a global chef short- age as the profession is dying and application numbers halve to culinary schools globally and also at sustainability and the role that chefs and their suppliers have to play in this as Damien heads out to meet suppliers old and new to experience the effects of Brexit and changing global weather patterns.

Finally Damien’s queries the future of restaurants what will they be like and will our traditional food sources have been updated – lab-grown meats, insect proteins etc.
Will Damien be awarded a Michelin Star in even less time than he and An- drew Heron got their first one?