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Junk Kouture World Final, Monaco

This spectacular live event showcased sixty finalists from around the globe unveiling their ingenious, eco-friendly couture creations

A Celebration of Innovation

We recently worked on the “The 2023 Junk Kouture World Final” held at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, it was a spectacular celebration of sustainability and creativity. This year’s event saw an impressive display of innovative fashion, all crafted from recycled materials by talented young designers from around the globe.
Among the many stunning creations, one design stood out and captured the coveted prize for Junk Kouture World Designer of the Year, the winning design, “#TagMe”. Created by students from Moate Community School in Ireland. This design was a testament to their creativity, skill, and dedication to sustainability.

The Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, renowned for its cutting-edge facilities and elegant ambiance, served as the perfect backdrop for this eco-friendly fashion extravaganza. Its spacious and modern setting provided an ideal stage for the young designers to showcase their extraordinary creations.

It was a busy and exciting show to produce capturing and broadcasting to a global audience whilst trying to highlight the intricate details and the vibrant energy of the show.

This year’s competition featured entries from a diverse range of countries, each bringing unique cultural influences and innovative ideas to the table. The international nature of the event underscored the universal importance of sustainability and environmental consciousness.

By providing a prestigious platform for young designers, Junk Kouture empowered the next generation to pursue their creative passions while advocating for a more sustainable future. The recognition and exposure gained through this competition can open doors for future opportunities in the fashion industry. The collaborative spirit of the event was palpable, with participants, organizers, and production teams working together to create a memorable experience.
Junk Kouture World Final 2023  Irish design -TagMe wins in Monaco