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Kaleidoscope Collage

The Kaleidoscope Festival in Russborough House outside of Blessington has made its name as the premier family friendly music and entertainment festival in Ireland. Three days of tunes, games, food, fun and lots more Рthere’s always something to keep both kids and grown ups happy.Our job this year was to provide broadcast standard camera relay to the screens in the Main Stage tent. As this tent was so big, the organisers wanted the experience to be as entertaining for the punters down the back as it was for the fans in the front row. To ensure this, large digital screens on flat trailers were provided for both sides of the stage, as well as a state of the art video wall on the stage itself.Our cameras caught all the action from various vantage points, with bespoke camera positions built into the staging plan. To ensure the highest quality relay, each show on all three days was covered by multiple manned positions and cut live by our vision mixers. To add to this, we tied in with the visiting crews and added our camera feeds to their pre built graphics to ensure pure, spontaneous entertainment.