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From the beginning, Liath has never been a restaurant that played it safe or went the tried and true way. When COVID shut down the catering industry almost overnight in Ireland, Damien and the team got to work creating something truly special to rival the dining experience they offered in Blackrock.

Many restaurants offered a ‘food box’ or ‘dine at home’ experience but Liath wanted to add atmosphere and a bit of cheffy magic to the evening. This is the underlying ethos behind ‘Liath Uncut’, a collaboration between Liath and Another Avenue.

We created a broadcast experience for Damien and the crew so that they could continue to wow their guests and customers in a safe and distanced way. We devised an easy to follow, live cookalong that would broadcast each Saturday night. Customers would collect their food boxes throughout the day and log into Zoom that evening. Once they were there they would participate in a collective cookalong, led by Damien directly from the Liath kitchen in Blackrock. Not only would they be eating some of the very best food available in Ireland, they would be learning some of the tips and tricks of one of the countries most lauded chefs.

The feedback from the customers has been overwhelmingly positive. People have described the evening as ‘unforgettable’ and ‘pure food theatre’. While we are unable to visit restaurants, this was a culinary event that offered a sense of atmosphere and collective experience. Another Avenue has again been delighted to work with Damien and his crew as they continue to push the envelope of the Irish Culinary scene.