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Mapping a Pandemic


‘I have been working with Another Avenue for a number of years and I really like the fact they can take a project from start to finish as well as their ability to work in a variety of mediums. They really helped us visualize all the data we had about the geographical spread of COVID 19 throughout Ireland, initially they created a video heat map but as we received more data they created and morphed it into a full web app and now it has become a deep data source with over 34 charts illustrating the full effect of COVID 19 in Ireland, which is now being used by a number of external bodies as well.’
Dara Keogh, GeoDirectory CEO

When you are in lockdown and everyone is working from home receiving a really interesting commission is really good for Morale. Our goal is to convey our clients message in the most effective way we can. GeoDirectory deal in location data they are the people that get an ambulance to the right door, and make sure that your Dominos Pizza doesn’t go astray. It quickly became clear that an animation wouldn’t do justice to geographic data that our client had at their finger tips so we pivoted the project into a fully interactive set of data that shows the spread of Covid-19 in the Republic of Ireland. Dara shared the interactive map using his LinkedIn page and it generated a huge amount of interest. Below is an interactive version.