Digital Cinematography

We were recently commissioned by Newbridge Silver to create a series of videos to showcase the craft, skill and technique that goes into forging traditional silver cutlery. This project gave us the chance to flex our creative muscles and use some of our cutting edge equipment in interesting ways. We brought a small crew to the Newbridge factory and spent two days documenting the various cutlery making processes.

200FPSUsing a Sony FS700 and a 35mm prime lens we shot some extreme close ups at 200 frames per second. With this we achieved a beautiful, cinematic look in camera. We combined these close ups  with some moving shots from our BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera mounted on an Edelkrone Slider. Due to the compact nature of these pieces of kit we were able to achieve some very high production value in the cramped and sometimes hectic setting of a fully working factory floor.

Edelkrone Slider When we arrived back to the suites with our rushes (Pro Res 422 from both the FS700 SSD and the Blackmagic native files) we set about cutting the sequences in Final Cut Pro X. Due to the linear nature of the production process, we were simply tasked with picking the most beautiful shots that motivated the piece. Once the selects were made we graded the footage in DaVinci Resolve, mixed our audio and were ready for client approval.

Check back soon for the finished videos.

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